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What is Agile / Scrum?

Scrum is one of the methods of doing Agile work… here’s the basis: is a scammer’s paradise

I sent short messages. I sent long messages. I sent many messages. I spent time on chat. I met NO ONE

Review: Arvixe Web Hosting

"Meh. I’ve experienced better." I recently moved my site to a friend’s server,

Windows XP hill, then and now…

[twentytwenty] [/twentytwenty] Location on Google Maps: 38.248966, -122.410269

The only way you can email eBay…

Long ago eBay decided that they could send you numerous messages to your account, but chose to NOT al

Sneakers’ ‘black box’ project

I recently picked up a Panasonic model KX-T1450 EasaPhone AutoLogic answering machine to try to re-cr

My start with desktop publishing – and computers…

I was listening to a podcast today and someone mentioned doing ‘desktop publishing’ in the early

Dating nearby…

I was recently out with friends and start talking to a woman I met, who asked what I like to do for f

St Julien Hotel & Spa

I recently attended the RallyOn! 2013 conference by Rally Software in Boulder, Colorado. Thanks to So

For rent…

So I’ve started poking around looking for a new place to live closer to work. My lease is up in a f