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Some of my favorite movies

I believe that someone’s favorite movies says a lot about them. That said, here’s the mov

The ‘Top Gun’ house

My first (and only) beachfront apartment was in Oceanside, CA. As it turns out, “Charlie’s” hou

2016 Railroad Road Trip itinerary

Sunday, June 12 Fly to Denver, Colorado Gary and Dave will pick up the rental van, to pick up Gordon,

$195/yr for a Gold AmEx?

Today I got an American Express Gold Rewards card ‘invite’ in the mail. I use a corporate AmEx fo

What is Agile / Scrum?

Scrum is one of the methods of doing Agile work… here’s the basis:

17311 E. Cypress St., Covina, CA 91722

I’ve got wonderful memories of my family while growing up here. I remember riding my moped to Greg

My final post…

I recently ran across an old friend’s photo on Facebook while looking for something else. I clicked

My start with desktop publishing – and computers…

I was listening to a podcast today and someone mentioned doing ‘desktop publishing’ in the early

Mmmmm…. honeycrisp!

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10 years ago today, I started at Disneyland…

10 years ago today, November 2, 2003, I started working at Disneyland. It wasn’t long-lived. Onl