Video Toaster

NewTek Video ToasterWow… I used the Video Toaster by NewTek back in 1991 in high school. The Amiga computer was still fairly new. I played this demo VHS tape over and over and over… it was so exciting to watch back then. Since then, the voice over on this video has popped into my head a thousand times. Even the name “Kiki Stockhammer” randomly pops into my head now and then (she was the ‘star’ of the demo.)

Even though I was going to Liberty Union High School, I started stopping by La Paloma High School, which was ‘down the street’ from Liberty. One of the most important teachers in my life, Mr. Jim Runyan, had gone over there to teach, so I had stopped over there a few times to see him and ended up meeting Mr. Jim Nabas, who had this cool looking computer and monitors in the back of his classroom that weren’t being used. I spent countless hours before and after school, then during my senior year, for my 1st and 2nd periods, figuring out how the Toaster worked and ended up showing lots of teachers and students what the whole “video editing” thing was about. Some good memories.

Thanks to Mr. Runyan, and Mr. Nabas, I got a great head start on being a geek. I wish I would have stuck with it – who knows where I’d be today :)

Revolution – NewTek Video Toaster Demonstration