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Some of my favorite movies

I believe that someone’s favorite movies says a lot about them. That said, here’s the mov

Sneakers’ ‘black box’ project

I recently picked up a Panasonic model KX-T1450 EasaPhone AutoLogic answering machine to try to re-cr

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

I was talking to Ben Ackerman at work one day and we got on the topic of Sushi. He suggested I watch

Just saw Lawrence of Arabia for the first time

Although I’ve heard references to Lawrence of Arabia for years, seen it VERY high up on AFI’s top

The ACTUAL Batcave…

Batman’s lair, "the Batcave" from the 1966 TV show is actually Bronson cave in Griffi

Stranger Than Fiction… I love this movie

It’s not often that such a small, wonderful movie comes along. I love watching Stranger Than Fi

Freedom Writers…. SEE IT!

I just got back from seeing an advanced screen of “Freedom Writers,’ and yeah – I c