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We NEED to vote IN PERSON and show ID

It’s VERY simple… we NEED to vote IN PERSON, because of the number of votes. There are VE

Grenville Mellen Dodge

Born: April 12, 1831 – Putnamville, Essex County, Massachusetts Died: January 3, 1916 (age 84)

Hollywood Playhouse 1936 to 2018

1735 Vine St., Los Angeles, CA 90028

S&H Appliances – 2417 Riverside Dr., Los Angeles, CA

Stealing a little from Chris Nichol’s Facebook post, but I love doing these ‘Then & N

The ‘Top Gun’ house

My first (and only) beachfront apartment was in Oceanside, CA. As it turns out, “Charlie’s” hou

Anderson Hatfield grave marker

This is Anderson Hatfield’s grave marker in the Hatfield Family Cemetery, Logan County, West Virgin

JFK assassination evidence

These are some rarely seen evidentiary photos from President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. T

To save JFK or not…

Several friends suggested I read “11/22/63”… everyone said I’d love it. They were right. With

Roy Olmstead’s house

Ken Burns: Prohibition (2012)    -   Roy Olmstead’s house – 3757

Railroad Road Trip – May 28 – June 3, 2013

Railroad Road Trip – May 28 – June 3, 2013 to Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railro