Yet ANOTHER coincidence… Fry’s Electronics – Fremont, CA

Okay… so I’m driving back from Brentwood, CA (not where OJ lived) where I stopped to take some pictures of my high school – Liberty Union High School – headed to San Jose Airport, headed home to SoCal, and I suddenly see the big red sign off the side of the freeway “Fry’s”! I’m a geek, I’ve got a couple of hours, so I have to stop.

Now, it’s enough that I actually stopped – but check this out… at the register, the girl who rang me up looked at my credit card and commented that her best friend’s last name was the same as mine. I smiled and suggested that I’m sure it’s not the same spelling, as people have said the same thing before, but there was usually an extra “a”, making it “Tavares” (which seems someone common.) She said that is was the same spelling but I was fairly sure that she was incorrect and told her that the spelling of my last name was pretty unique.She looked at it again and confirmed that her best friend’s last name IS spelled the same way. I was REALLY shocked and still not sure she was correct. Then she asked me what my nationality is… “Portuguese” I answered… and she says “Yeah – they’re Portuguese.” She goes on to say that her friend’s father’s name is Paul. Who lives in Hayward.

WHOA! Paul is a cousin who I haven’t seen since I was about 16 years old!!

Alright… maybe this isn’t the most amazing story ever, but remember… I live in Anaheim. I was headed to the airport – in San Jose. I randomly stopped at Fry’s.. AND, of the 20+ cashiers that were open at THIS Fry’s, I the line greeter sends me to register #44 where Kristen Tabuyo helps me… and is my 2nd cousin’s best friend!!!

Yes – THIS is random!

Fry's Electronics - FremontFry's Electronics - Fremont