is a scammer’s paradise is a scammer’s paradise is a scammer’s paradise - Thumbs is a scammer’s paradiseI sent short messages. I sent long messages. I sent many messages. I spent time on chat. I met NO ONE. In fact, I interacted with FAR more FAKE ACCOUNTS than real women.

I would get IMs or messages from women that lived ‘nearby’ and I would engage them. Almost EVERY “woman” I messaged with would eventually tell me that they were "out of the country right now, but coming back soon." Some were even so blatant as to ask where my mom was born and my birthdate. FAKE ACCOUNTS! FAKE!

And what was’s response when I reported those accounts and email them? Nothing. No response. They don’t care. They just want your money (just like every other online dating service out there.)

Oh – their "guarantee"? They want you to make 5 contacts a month for 6 months – then they will only give you ANOTHER 6 months "free". How many fake accounts should a guy have to endure? Well, I guess at least 5 per month if you want your money back another 6 months with more of the same.

Total waste of my time. is a scammer’s paradise