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Review: DJI Phantom ‘1’

The DJI Phantom ‘1’ is the best quad for the price! It’s ready to fly (after a battery charge)

Jukebox and Space Shuttle Pinball

When I lived in Redmond, Washington, sometime around 1997, I picked up a used (and broken) 1979 Wurli

Dave’s public notebook

Random, organized notes to share… Dave’s public notebook

The Rabbi and the goat…

There’s an old Jewish tale about an poor man who went to see his Rabbi to ask for advice. “Rabbi,

My first cast iron skillet – reconditioning

For many years I’ve wanted to learn to use and cook with a cast iron skillet. I remember my mom had

Underground house – 3970 Spencer St., Las Vegas, NV

Jerry Henderson built this house in 1971 at 3970 Spencer St., Las Vegas, NV. as a long-term bomb shel

St Julien Hotel & Spa

I recently attended the RallyOn! 2013 conference by Rally Software in Boulder, Colorado. Thanks to So

TRON lighting (EL / electroluminescence wire)

When TRON hit the movie theaters in 1982, one of the cool things was how the TRON suits lit up. Back

Disc wrapper from paper

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