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Homemade Air Conditioner

Parts Box fan 20 in. 3-speed box fan Home Depot ~$16 –

Review: Viejo Auto Stereo – Mission Viejo, CA

I’ve been working on a car audio DIY project for a short time and hit a few snags with the dash-kit

Marty and Doc clock

For several years I’ve wanted to do this simple little project to make a regular clock from the pho

Jukebox and Space Shuttle Pinball

When I lived in Redmond, Washington, sometime around 1997, I picked up a used (and broken) 1979 Wurli

Sneakers’ ‘black box’ project

I recently picked up a Panasonic model KX-T1450 EasaPhone AutoLogic answering machine to try to re-cr

Disc wrapper from paper

<p><a href="" target="_blank"><img ti