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Bodie.com recipes

Bodie.com recipes

I saw an LA Times cookie recipe contest, which made me think that a ‘cowboy recipe book’ or some other ‘country cooking’ recipes could be interesting on Bodie.com.

I have no intention of making this a ‘for sale’ item, but perhaps a downloadable/printable PDF… as well as scheduled content on the websites under the “Learn” section.

Any thoughts on this?

  • Should it be a contest? I’m afraid it wouldn’t get enough ‘submissions’.
  • Should all contributed recipes be added? What if there are multiple recipes for the same thing? Should it be broken in categories? (i.e. breads, desserts, meats, vegetables, etc.)
  • Should the ‘rules’ state that people must have made this themselves? Or can someone just grab a random recipe online and share it?
  • Should each recipe have a photo of the submitter listed?
  • Should each recipe require a photo of the dish?