My final post…
My final post…

My final post…

Rod Duff in Bodie - DaveTavres.comI recently ran across an old friend’s photo on Facebook while looking for something else. I clicked his name and pulled up his Facebook profile. As of this writing, it’s been a year and a half since Rod passed, but his profile is still there.

It’s not creepy, but endearing. It makes me happy to look at the photos and posts that his other friends have tagged him in and to see what their ‘public’ relationship was like. I think I want my online profile to live on in such a way… I think.

In Rod’s case, his permissions were set so that anyone could post a comment or photo to his wall, or if someone tags him in a photo on their wall, it shows up on his wall. Some people disable that feature, which gives them control over what is posted “in their name”. In either case, there’s still that “final post” by the actual person (assuming they were active on a social website.)

My Facebook wall is often split between political opinions and random stuff pertaining to Bodie, Disneyland, Back to the Future, business and technology, trains, and other history and hobbies. So I started thinking. What happens why my life ends? If it’s sudden, who knows what hardcore opinion I may have posted last? If I died today, there’s a good chance it would be something negative (and hopefully awful) about the ‘loser-in-chief’ barack hussein nobama. But what if my death isn’t sudden? What if I’m in the hospital for a ‘simple’ surgery or I’m sick, but not too weak to get online? What might my final post be?

It begs the question – do you really want your ‘final [online] words’ to be “bad”?

Some people have had that unfortunate experience of having an argument with someone, only to find out that they died shortly thereafter. I can’t imagine how sad it must be for the person still alive to have that ‘final argument’ in their head forever, never being able to clear the air (probably over something insignificant.) - DaveTavres.comSo what if my final online post is a terrible post about nobama and because of my privacy settings, no one’s tagged photos of me will show up on my wall? That is my dying ‘breath’? A stupid political opinion about a moronic puppet who has worked hard to destroy our Country?

I think I’d prefer my last (unintentional) post be about something I love or enjoy. Something people will remember me by that isn’t venomous and rude.

However… I don’t think I’ll let that small ‘fear’ stop me from speaking my mind and fighting against tyranny. Perhaps I’m okay with being remembered as a patriot who believed in my Country and wanted the best for people. The sad thing is, some (ahem-nobama-lovers-ahem) won’t be able to see past it and think of my fun side.

I have no conclusion for this. I just hope if I die suddenly, luck is on my side – for the last online post that is. -

– OR –

liar and loser-in-chief barack hussein nobama -