Freedom Writers…. SEE IT!

Dave 0

I just got back from seeing an advanced screen of “Freedom Writers,’ and yeah – I cried during this movie… I’m not ashamed to say it :)

Very powerful – but in a different way than “Pursuit of Happyness”.  Freedom Writers is really an amazing true story about a teacher who helped to bring together kids in Long Beach after the 1992 riots who were in a constant state of war because of race.

It is a bit familiar looking back at “Stand and Deliver,” but they told this story absolutely beautifully!  Although Hillary Swank isn’t a favorite of mine, she did a wonderful job.  However, the kids/actors that played the students were AMAZING! And although I have no idea what it’s like to have a life like they have in the movie, it reminded me of my time in high school with a few teachers who changed my life… but I’ll write about that later.

Please – go see this movie, bring a friend, and spread the word…