Just saw Lawrence of Arabia for the first time

Dave 0

Although I’ve heard references to Lawrence of Arabia for years, seen it VERY high up on AFI’s top movies of all time and obviously have heard the music, I just had not seen the movie!

Well, tonight after work I walked across the street and saw the digitally restored 65mm version, playing on the IMAX screen. Sony used their ColorWorks “4K” process and I’m sure thousands of man-hours to retouch, recolor, repair and truly make this AMAZING to watch!! Aside for the story being wonderful and epic, it was visually BEAUTIFUL!

Seeing it on a huge screen was wonderful. Oddly, there wasn’t more than 35 people in the theater though. It was projected digitally which wouldn’t have been bad except that the projectionist didn’t read the notes, so 3-4 minutes into the overture music playing against a black screen, they rebooted the projector computer to get the picture to display! hahaha Which meant watching the stupid pre-movie ‘get your popcorn’ and ‘turn off your mobile phone’ trailers.

At almost 4 hours (with a 15 minute intermission), this was still a worthwhile experience… too bad I didn’t have a woman with me to enjoy it…

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