Stranger Than Fiction… I love this movie

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Stranger Than Fiction... I love this movie | Dave Tavres

Stranger Than Fiction | Dave TavresIt’s not often that such a small, wonderful movie comes along. I love watching Stranger Than Fiction because it’s simple, and easy, and loving. There’s something about Harold that feels so familiar. Maybe it’s because I’ve got a bit of OCD for timing. Maybe it’s because it’s a story about life, and how people live it. But overall, I just like how I feel watching the movie… happy. Like… there’s hope for a mundane life.

It’s not often I give a movie a 10 star rating on on (Internet Movie DataBase) In fact, to date only 24 (out of 637). I like that it’s set in Chicago. I like that Harold takes Ana a box of FLOURS to say he’s sorry. Or that time plays such a large, but hidden role in the movie. There’s never enough time when you find you want it most.

Part of me wishes there were more movies like this – but then when these come along, they wouldn’t mean as much. I still love getting teary-eyed throughout, and at the end of the movie.

Stranger Than Fiction... I love this movie | Dave Tavres