Sunstone Apartments, Las Vegas, NV

Sunstone Apartments, Las Vegas, NV | Dave Tavres

Formerly known as “Indian Ridge“, Sunstone Apartments in Las Vegas is a nicely groomed, and well-located apartment complex.

One of the reasons I moved here was because the pool and workout room was available 24 hours a day.

The amenities have not been available for over 3 months, and now they are now open limited hours. There’s no reason to have the pool closed at night, when almost no one uses it.

FYI – the advertised rent is not accurate… they have ‘additional fees’ that are NOT optional that add $50+ per month to the rent.

They also changed their “policy” that any rent payment after 2nd of the month is late, and charged a healthy late fee.

Just be aware that it might cost you more than you thought, and with fewer amenities than promised.

ALSO be aware, you MUST give written notice SIXTY days (60 days) ahead of move out, per this line in the agreement: “either party must provide at least 60 days written notice of termination or intent to move out before the end of the rental period.”