Letter to Land O’Lakes as they announce removing native-American woman from their products

It’s disturbing that you are so easily willing to fall to new, young employees (or consulting firms) ‘political correctness’, and choosing to remove a time-honored, well-recognized symbol of your product.

I grew up with my entire family ONLY buying Land O’Lakes butter, for use in cooking, baking, and just on our toast. That tradition is what has led me to continue to (almost) exclusively purchase Land O’Lakes butter for many years as an adult.

If you do remove the native American woman from your products, I will stop buying your product. I will not support businesses which claim to be ‘culturally sensitive’ but who, in doing so, remove all memories of our history.

If your depiction was ACTUALLY offensive or hurtful, it could be understood why you would want to destroy decades of your history – but in this case, there is NOTHING offensive about your featuring a native American woman on your products.

I, and millions of good Americans will be watching you, and choosing whether to support your company with our buying dollars.