Actors and businesses worth boycotting
Actors and businesses worth boycotting

Actors and businesses worth boycotting

TorrentsWhy can’t actors and business people keep their mouths SHUT when it comes to politics? Actors are paid A LOT of money to entertain. Yes, ‘dance monkey, dance.’ When they publicly take a side – ANY side – they need to be reminded that people who disagree with their personal opinions aren’t going to support their products or businesses. Losing money is the only way people and businesses will learn to keep their mouths shut.

Now, any person is free to express their opinions in any way that they want – and any other person is free to stop buying that person or company’s products – OR to buy MORE, because they support them. And so, here’s my list of people and companies who I do my very best to not give them anymore money, based on their anti-America stances, or just because they’re morons who don’t deserve more of my money. That said, I have no problem enjoying, consuming, or using those products as long as no one pays for them – or, at least, that the money going to that person or business is greatly diminished because many people are sharing the same login, or videos files, or are otherwise duplicating the content.

Business is about money. A society only operates well when someone agrees to pay for something they want – and someone agrees to sell their goods or services to others. #Freedom

“I swear by my life and my love of it
that I will never live for the sake of another man,
nor ask another man to live for mine.”

NameShort reasonReference 1Reference 2Reference 3
Meryl StreepSelf-proclaimed "rabid man-eating feminist", Walt Disney hater.
Jack BlackYelled "Donald Trump's a piece of s***" at the very end of his Hollywood Walk of Fame Star acceptance speech.