Review: Royal Chinese Food & Donut, Culver City, CA

Dave 0

Royal Chinese Food & Donut, Culver City, CA - Thumbs downFrom Darren H. Menu Board at Royal Chinese FoodI feel a little bad writing such a bad review… but this was really awful food :(

Over the past year+ since I’ve lived here, I’ve been looking for a ‘good’, ‘cheap’ chinese food place – specifically of the ‘to-go’ category. Unfortunately, this may be the worst chinese food I’ve ever had :( (Sorry!)

I went at 8:15pm on a Tuesday night. So, it’s possible the food had been sitting around since lunch. The “orange chicken” had NO orange flavor and was… hard, not crunch – just hard. The “teriyaki chicken” too was just awful. It didn’t taste quite right – and there was next to no teriyaki flavor.

Even the rice and noodles were just not up to par for ~$8.60 worth of chinese food from a counter. I couldn’t eat much of this meal and honestly ended up throwing it away. Again, sorry :(

Royal Chinese Food & Donut
11499 Jefferson Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90230
(310) 390-7017