North Korea relents… for money…

Dave 0

So after all the arguing and fear over North Korea re-opening it’s nuclear programs, they have decided that they’ll tell us "everything" about what they’re doing… for a price… They want "economic aid and political concessions."

U.S. lauds N. Korea plan to halt nukes – Focus on North Korea – – 2007-10-03

This just seems wrong to me. That’s like a school yard bully who’s been taking kid’s lunch money, then when he’s caught, agrees to stop doing it… *if* the principle pays him to do so.

Of course I’d prefer that there be no new nuclear capabilities achieved by any country, but I certainly don’t want to set the precedent that we’ll pay for good behavior. Who’s next? Iraq? Russia? Dr. Evil?

I wonder just how far off a world domination movie character is from unrolling a plan to extort.. ahem.. I mean.. stop producing nuclear programs…