I’ve never heard so much propaganda…

Dave 0
There’s a link on an internal website at the huge software company I work at for "The Story of Stuff" (www.storyofstuff.com) I clicked it and started watching the 20 minute video. WOW! Within the first minute, I felt like I was handed a glass of kool-aid. After two minutes, I felt like I was being shown a multi-level marketing scam. After five minutes, I started wondering if the video was a comedy skit. Seriously – I wonder if this is what Hitler sounded like when he spoke to the public. "Burn the books", "Kill the Jews", "You’re only good if you’re white", "The Government is here to take care of you – that’s their job"… oh wait, that last one was from the video. Basically the premise of the video is that the United States is ruining the planet. I don’t recall her talking about anyone else on the planet. WE are apparently the bad guy for the planet.
I’m not one of those guys who wastes.  I don’t consume a lot, but by the eight minute mark of that video, I was shocked that this kind of propaganda gets so much attention. And that it’s endorsed on a company supported website.
I couldn’t watch the video after the nine minute mark. It was too much. I agree that we should consume properly. That we should recycle. That we should take care of the planet. But the the 300 million people in the U.S. are a drop in the bucket of what’s happening to the planet. I’m guessing that we’re doing more for the Earth than anyone else on the planet. Yet we get all of the blame. wow.