Lethal injection…

Dave 0

There’s been some press about some scumbag that got executed recently and it took 35 minutes, rather than 15 minutes for him to die because he required a second dose of lethal drugs.  Because of that, a California Judge ruled that the current method of lethal injection needs "fixing" and that the State has 30 days to correct the issue or he will rule the practice "cruel and unusual punishment."  Florida has also stopped all executions until a solution is reached.

What’s the big deal if a murderer, who has exhausted every possibility of saving his life, take 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour to die from lethal injection?  He’s completely anesthetized.  Knocked out.  Asleep.  I don’t think I’d have a problem with just giving them the drug that paralyzes them, then the lethal drug, and not even worrying about making sure he’s asleep.  He MURDERED SOMEONE.  And he probably didn’t do it when the person was knocked out by drugs.

The courts are saying that the process needs to be fixed because the murderer could be feeling pain while the drug kills him.  That tells me that the process of euthanasia may have inherent problems.  So, that means we should also stop euthanizing animals across the country as well.  At least until we can find a way to keep the dogs and cats from feeling pain while they are put to sleep.  Otherwise, we are committing a crime of "cruelty to animals."

Let’s just go back to the gas chamber.  Give the murderer a sedative that will put them to sleep, then wheel them into the chamber on a gurney, turn on the gas, and wait.  They’ll simply go to sleep like a baby and not wake up.  Isn’t that less "cruel" than putting needles in someone’s arms while they are awake?

In any case – by the time a murderer gets to that situation, that ought to be the end of them.  And if that person claims to be innocent, let God praise or punish them based on the truth.