Kinko’s has gone down hill…

Dave 0
FedEx Kinko's - www.DaveTavres.comhaha… Well.. I used to cover several Kinko’s stores in South Orange County as the "Senior Technology Specialist".  That means that anytime any of the technology has issues in any of the stores, they would call me, and I’d go in and fix whatever was wrong.  Network printers, copier card readers, cash registers, computer rentals, network, phones, fax machines, pretty much whatever was technology based, but NOT copier repair (that was Xerox’s job.)
Anyway, Kinko’s District Manager and HR person were both complete idiots.  They fired one of the best managers they’ve ever had – Brad Foster – which started the downfall of that store, and the other two stores that was part of that "cluster".  I worked out of this main store – Laguna Hills – and once Brad left, people started dropping like flies.  Then, they brought in a new manager who rules with an iron fist – at least that’s what I’m told.  But, I think his skills speak for him pretty well.  They’ve had to hire at least two temps to work at the Kinko’s, and recently posted the attached photo.  TOO funny!!
Whatever you do – watch out when you think about using Kinko’s.  They need some serious re-working to bring back the focus on the customer.