Dave 0
Yeah, a bunch of people who got my email said the same thing – Tupperware?
If you did -not- get my email, that means I probably don’t have you in my address book (I didn’t send it to EVERYONE.)  Basically, the email said that I just started a Tupperware "business", but I’m not a "Tupperware Party" kind of guy.. I’m a web/computer geek kind of guy – so I got a couple domain names and setup the online only version of my Tupperware business.  Check it out:
he he… whadaya think?  Yeah, I like Tupperware, but I don’t get to cook a lot.  I’ve said it a few times since I setup the site – Tupperware sells itself.  Everyone knows what it is, and how good the products are – so I figured, why not?  My step-Uncle’s sister was doing it, so I figured I’d sign up.
So now the hard part – buy something from my site :)