The Disneyland Railroad…

Dave 0
Well… if you don’t already know, I’m a big train fan.  I’m not as well-versed as a lot of people, but I really do enjoy trains.  And if you don’t also know, I am a big Disneyland fan as well.  I was a tour guide at the park until mid-2005, but I couldn’t take the bad management anymore, and had to leave.
Well, to combine to of my loves – Disneyland and trains – I applied for a job to work as an engineer on the Disneyland Railroad.  And yes, I got the job! :)  I will be starting a month long training program to learn how to fire a locomotive!
That means (if I pass the training,) I’ll get to operate the same steam trains that Walt Disney personally drove, AND I’ll get to sit up in the cab of the engine for fun AND profit! lol  It’s only a few hours a week (after the training) and most likely nights and weekends, because the old-timers who have been there 10, 15, 20 years get the day shifts.  It is also funny/odd to note – the pay is $12.265 an hour.  Yes – .265 – a HALF a CENT! I’m sure it’s probably a union thing, but still a crack up that Disney won’t just kick in that last half a cent to round it up. lol
So, the next time you’re at Disneyland, let me know, and you just might see me pulling the train into Main Street Station!!
Check out for more information on the steam trains!