Educational purgatory in N.Y.?

Dave 0

On a recent episode of "This American Life", they talked about an educational purgatory in New York. It’s a place where they send those who have been accused of something yet they’re never actually charged or dismissed. It’s like a semi-permanent study hall. It’s called "The Rubber Room", although school officials say it’s a "holding facility".

And although this sound compelling, I have to wonder why more students, parents and teachers aren’t causing a huge stink over this. According to the story on TAL, and the trailer for the documentary, some of these people sit in the "rubber room" for years!

I’ve said many times – the individuals I am most thankful for in this world are medical professionals, and teachers. They all deserve so much more than they get – and this story makes me pretty angry. Listen to the segment on TAL, and watch the trailer for the documentary.

Segment from "This American Life: Human Resources"

Trailer for "The Rubber Room"