Immigration… ID cards?
Immigration… ID cards?

Immigration… ID cards?

Okay, I’m amazed this hasn’t hit the news everywhere yet… With all the talk about immigration, this is a top winner in "the government screwed up again" contest.
This guy, having been arrested at least five times on gang and illegal firearms possession – AND who served 15 months in jail in California, was at a party in Southern California, and ended up firing his gun, which went through a 3 year olds wrist, then went into his 6 year old brother’s stomach.  As of now, both boys are in the hospital.
Now, being arrested that many times, for those crimes, and spending that much time in jail did finally get him deported back to Mexico – FOUR MONTHS AGO.  Yes, he came right back into the area and ended up shooting the boys.
So, let’s forget about the fact that he’d been arrested that many times and finally spent some time in jail.  It’s a great thing that an undocumented criminal was sent back to his home country.  But then was able to freely drive back across the border.
So, here’s my quick answer: REQUIRE IDs OR PASSPORTS!
Yes, it would be expensive, but don’t a lot of corporations already do this?  At Microsoft, everyone gets an ID badge, and when you enter a building, you have to swipe your card across a proximity sensor which then unlocks a door.  Why would this be so difficult to implement at our borders?
How do you do it?
First, no more border agents just waving people through.  EVERY car has to stop.  EVERYONE in the car must give a State Drivers license or ID card.  Each border agent would have a handheld wireless card-swipe machine that would immediately say "APPROVED" or "DECLINED" (yeah, sound familiar?  Umm… millions of credit cards or done this way EVERY DAY!)
If even one person in the vehicle doesn’t have a State issued card that carries a magnetic stripe or bar code, you have to go park your car and everyone has to stand in the "manual check" line.  That building looks a lot like a DMV office.  You have to go up and show your paperwork, passport, whatever you have, and the border agents at the desk will verify you by checking a national database.
Oh, and the cool thing is, if you’re wanted for warrants, you get escorted to your very own car with pretty red and blue lights on top.  Or, if you’re an illegal immigrant that has been arrested at least five times for gang and firearm crimes, and have spent any time in jail, you also get escorted to your own car.
I know, I know… why would we want to keep these kinds of people from coming to our country.  Well… it might save a kid or two from being shot in the wrist and stomach… but I guess that’s just not a good enough reason to start guarding our borders… And I guess terrorism isn’t a good enough reason either…


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