Oil profits

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Today, Exxon Mobil posted JUST 3rd quarter earnings of almost $10 BILLION!  That’s BILLION with a B!  Here’s the link to the article – Oil profits fuel consumer outrage


And, to top it off – look at this article from January 2004 – Energy prices boost Exxon Mobil’s profit – it says that Exxon Mobil made over $6 BILLION in 4th quarter profits.


This is just amazing.  I tend to believe the local station owners that they are not making that kind of money, but I do believe that they are making PLENTY of money off of us.


The government BETTER bring charges against ALL of these oil companies for price gouging.  There is no reason that those companies should be "saying" that they are losing money and need to raise prices and blah blah blah, then they turn out HUGE profits in a SINGLE QUARTER?!


And here’s the biggest thing… Exxon Mobil making this nearly $10 BILLION in a single quarter – gets the title for making THE HIGHEST profit for any company in a single quarter in history!  EVER!  Again… mind boggling…