Chase Bank – 101 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim

Chase Bank - 101 S Harbor Blvd, AnaheimChase Bank - 101 S Harbor Blvd, AnaheimChase Bank – 101 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805
Phone: (714) 535-2883

Not only is the bank devoid of visible employees, but their ‘customer service’ area has a 15 year old sign hanging from the ceiling, pointing to – a clip board! A clip board to put your name on, and then wait. In my case, I waited for 55 minutes before an employee talked to me.

Ruben read my name off the CLIPBOARD and ask how they could help me. I said I wanted to open a business checking account, and his immediate response was that wouldn’t be able to help me today because it was too close to their closing time. I asked for a manager, but guess what? He said the manager had already gone home. Instead, a ‘lead’, Michael, came to me after another 9 minutes and took me to a cubicle, where I thought he was going to help me. Nope. He sat me down to explain WHY they wouldn’t help me, that the process takes one to 1.5 hours to complete and they were not willing to stay late to help a new customer.

What an incredible waste of my time.