Walt Disney Family Museum…

Dave 0

Well, it’s been a LOOONG time coming, but it looks like the Walt Disney Family Museum will be opening in San Francisco in 2009.

The plans for the museum look fantastic. The collections are AMAZING. And it will be a wonderful place to see a lot of personal artifacts of Walt Disney’s. They have hundreds of awards given to Walt through the years, clothing, family photos and films, miniatures (which Walt loved and collected) and of course my favorite, the original Lilly Belle train from Walt’s backyard railroad, the Carolwood Pacific Railroad.

The Lilly Belle train will be suspended from the ceiling on a curve as you walk downstairs from the top floor. Unfortunately, no one will be able to see INSIDE the caboose that Walt built… but… here’s a photo of some of Walt’s work in miniature:

The Walt Disney Family Museum is going to be a WONDERFUL experience for those who love Disneyland, and Walt Disney!