The Return of Family Guy…
The Return of Family Guy…

The Return of Family Guy…

Family-Guy-HD-Wallpaper[1]Yes, Family Guy came back on the air a few years ago, but I still love the first scene of the first episode back after about three years (North by North Quahog) – Peter explains to the family that their show has been canceled because there just isn’t enough space on the Fox lineup with all of the “quality shows”… BUT, they might have a chance to come back if all of these shows are canceled (the joke of course being that all of these shows were canceled! lol):

Dark Angel Cracking Up Pasadena
Titus The Pits Harsh Realm
Undeclared Firefly Keen Eddie
Action Get Real The $treet
That 80’s Show Freaky Links The American Embassy
Wonder Falls Wanda at Large Cedric the Entertainer
Fast Lane Costello The Tick
Andy Richter Controls the Universe The Lone Gunman Louis
A Minute with Stan Hooper Skin Greg the Bunny
Girl’s Club Normal, Ohio