Screen writers to book writers…

Dave 0

I’m sure everyone has had a favorite TV show at some  point through the years… Most recently for me, it’s "Deadwood" – the HBO show about Deadwood, South Dakota during the late 1800’s. They had 3 seasons of the show and it was canceled.

Shows like "Jericho" or "The Family Guy" are rare, in that that the fans caused such a stir that the networks decided to pick them back up. It’s sad, because we’ve  become invested in the characters that were written and portrayed so well, yet we lose them to big business.

It’s quite possible that I’ve missed this idea, but why don’t those writers, screen writers and producers who come up with wonderful shows continue to write the stories in novel form? As a ‘non-reader’, I am POSITIVE that I’d buy and read a Deadwood series that continues the storyline of the TV show. As long as the books were as good as the TV show, I could see myself as one of those people with the paperback book on the bus, or sitting on the window-seat on a nice day just reading.

Of course there’s not as much money in it for David Milch to write the continuation of the Deadwood TV series in novel form, but it would be wonderful to find out what happened to HIS characters and HIS town. This idea could be done with the many TV shows and movies that have excited people through the years.