People I worked with at AMC Alondra 6
People I worked with at AMC Alondra 6

People I worked with at AMC Alondra 6

Between 1992 and 1994 I worked at AMC Alondra 6 in Bellflower, CA. I have wonderful memories there… It would be fun to reconnect with some of those people. Here are the names I can remember…

  • Dinora Alas – sweetheart… she loaned me a lot of money to get my car replaced after it was stolen.
  • Dave Sang – great guy… I enjoyed hanging out with him at his parent’s place… and talking in front of my grandparent’s house from 11pm until 5am.
  • Benny – Drove a BMW. Was very nice.
  • Don Lane (manager) – worked at AMC Century City Theaters after Alondra 6.
  • Kathy Dominguez (manager) – Managed the AMC at the Block at Orange.
  • Bill Fair (manager) – basically, changed my life by connecting me with “The Software Labs” where his girlfriend worked… where I ended up getting a job, moving to Seattle (Redmond) and ending up at Microsoft and working in the software industry for so many years.
  • Yolanda – short, very nice… and I stole a car by accident when I was trying to move her’s to the front.
  • Tim Woo – first room mate ever.
  • Chris White – had a large collection of Olympic pins. Became room mates after Tim. Loved hockey and ran up my AOL account bill looking up fantasy hockey scores.