On the road… follow my road trip… – Day 8… last day
On the road… follow my road trip… – Day 8… last day

On the road… follow my road trip… – Day 8… last day

Old Sacramento
California State Railroad Museum
In-N-Out Burger

Last day…

Okay, so I kind of got distracted and forgot to wrap up the trip – but the last day of the road trip was great.

We got into Sacramento on Friday night and stayed just a mile from Old Sacramento. I had stayed up WAAAY too late the night before, so I was feeling a bit off and just wasn’t very excited about going out, but did anyway. We ended up at Round Table Pizza in Old Sac and had quite a good pizza, then headed back to the room.

In the morning, we got an early start and got to the California State Railroad Museum just as it opened. It was fantastic! There were hardly any visitors there yet, so I got some great pictures. There is so much history there! I could easily spend a few days there reading all the information photographing the locomotives and rolling stock!

North Pacific Coast Railroad No. 12 Sonoma

The CSRM is really beautiful inside.  Unlike the few other railroad museums I’ve been in, this one has the unique perspective of ‘non-linear’ layouts – and by that I mean that the train sets aren’t just lined up side by side – they’re on curved tracks, at different angles, and there’s even an engine and consist on an overhead trestle INSIDE the building!

I bought a few small things from the museum store then we headed out to go back to Seattle. The drive was, again, beautiful. The mountains were green, Mt. Shasta was clear and amazing, and our final stop before leaving Northern California was In-N-Out Burger.

The trip was a wonderful success. Having a good friend to enjoy the trip with and engage in random conversation and debate really made the trip for me. The only thing that could have made the trip better, would have been an extra three weeks and about $3,000 of found money. Until then, I’ll keep adding to the list of places or things I’d like to visit or explore or do.