On the road… follow my road trip… – Day 6
On the road… follow my road trip… – Day 6

On the road… follow my road trip… – Day 6

Lula’s Chocolates, Carmel, CA
17-mile drive, Pebble Beach, CA / Lone Cypress / Bird Rock
Cannery Row
Carl’s Jr.
Winchester Mystery House
Stop-N-Wash laundry-mat

Today was kind of a travel day… Our intent is to get close to the Western Sierra’s, so Friday can be a Highway 49 day. With that in mind, we left the Quail Lodge in Carmel, and immediately started on the "17-mile drive" around Pebble Beach, CA. It was $9.25 for the toll, but definitely worth it. They have a great online tour map which shows all the points of interest. Basically, we drove around the entire "mini-peninsula" and took lots of pictures.

We headed through Cannery Row in Monterey, CA, then headed north. Of course lunch was in order, and since Carl’s Jr. isn’t in Seattle, we had to stop and get some good grub.

Since my friend is a big garden person, and I love the history, we had to stop at the Winchester Mystery House (check out this helicopter view). The window of Henry Winchester (maker of the Winchester repeating rifle, "the gun that won the West") was afraid of the spirits of those who had been killed with her husband’s guns. For over 38 years, she continuously added rooms, stairways and doors to nowhere to ‘confuse the spirits’. Tons to read and see about this old place, and just beautiful grounds.

And so, as our journey continued, we knew the time had come to do some laundry. So, we stopped at the world famous "Stop-N-Wash laundry-mat" in Livermore, CA! A short time later, we were off to our fabulous "La Quinta Inn" in Ripon, CA.

That’s all for now… Gold Country tomorrow!