On the road… follow my road trip… – Day 4
On the road… follow my road trip… – Day 4

On the road… follow my road trip… – Day 4

Bittersweet Cafe
Conservatory of Flower
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco Bay boat cruise
House of Nanking

Day 4, Tuesday was another gorgeous day in San Francisco. Blue skies, PERFECT temperature, and a perfect day of adventures!

Our first stop was the Bittersweet Cafe for "the best chocolate milk in San Francisco". They grind up milk chocolate and blend it with milk. Debra got a "spicy hot chocolate" and is now looking forward to learning how to make it.

We left the cafe and walked just a block up the road to "Nest", a high-end/quirky home accessory and gift shop at Clay & Fillmore (Cars character who plays a hippie, which coincides with Fillmore Street in San Francisco). On the way back to the car, we picked up some Starbucks sandwiches, then headed to Golden Gate Park.

Before we got to Golden Gate Park (arial view), we saw a bunch of light-post signs that advertised a Garden Railway exhibit at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. What luck! The Conservatory was beautiful – the interior was FULL to the ceiling with plants. Very cool… well… it was warm inside. And in one of the enclosed rooms, my lens fogged up immediately – in like 2 seconds! The Garden Railway in the special exhibits room was fun and had some interesting details – all of the buildings were made with pieces of everything items. Well done.

From the Conservatory, we just roamed around the Park.  What a wonderful and beautiful piece of land this is! Thousands of huge trees, bodies of water, so many animals, so many areas of peace and quiet. We stopped along the road to let some cars by, and ended up right next to a beautiful scene where there were two ducks asleep on a flat rock, and right next to them, were THREE turtles sunning themselves. I don’t think I’ve ever seen turtles in the wild. Pretty amazing.

Earlier in the day, we checked the times for taking a San Francisco Bay boat cruise, and had settled on the 4pm trip. So, we left the Park and headed to Pier 39 ("It’s a wonderful time!") We got there easily and quickly, found a perfect parking space and everything fell into place. The cruise was fantastic, the weather was the absolute best it could possibly be, and we came back to shore with some great pictures.

The next stop – dinner! We went to "House of Nanking" on Kearney and had a delicious chinese meal, including the Bao Bing Wrap – just awesome. It was a fun atmosphere and a great place to end the day.

A perfect day that was full! But, tomorrow we’re making one more stop here, then off to Carmel!