My first helicopter ride!

Dave 0

I went to Silver State Helicopters today, and checked out their helicopters, and ended up taking my very first helicopter ride!  They had at least five Robinson 22‘s, and at least three Robinson 44‘s.  Lift off was amazing!  A slow lift, watching the group getting further away… then we spun around 180 degrees and tilted forward and started moving ahead pretty fast and then up, up, and over the road next to the airport.  That felt a lot like a regular take-off in a plane.

It was about 9p when we took off from the Long Beach Airport, so it was dark and the lights were gorgeous.  About 30 seconds later we were cruising over the Queen Mary and the old dome for the Spruce Goose – and the lights were really amazing there.  The pilot (Sonny) asked how fast we thought we were going… I was WAY off… I guessed about 45mph.  He said to triple that… I thought he was joking!  Nope… we were cruising at about 120mph! 

I can’t wait to do a flight during the day!