Job hunt

Dave 0

I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I came back to Seattle for work. With Microsoft’s rule about contractors only working 1 year, then having to take a "100 day break in service", I need to get something lined up for so that I’m not without a job.

What I have done is applied for 4 different permanent positions at Microsoft (of which I haven’t hear back from anyone after two weeks now. I also applied for an on-board crew position as a guest-relations-type person on Amtrak, but those two emails also have returned no response after three weeks. And this week, I applied online and dropped of my resume to the Redmond Police 911 Department to be a software tech.

I was doing a good job of getting my debt paid down, but forgot to put more money away for the end of my contract. So, hopefully something will come through.