Golfing… well… driving range…

Dave 0

I’ve been to a driving range about five times in my life.. six as of last week. And wow.. was I SORE! But it was FUN! I went with my first boss at Microsoft from 1996, Steve. He’s been golfing for 20+ years, so he was a good person to go with for some more instruction.

I felt good hitting the ball, and he was very complimentary about everything I was doing. He said I had a natural swing, and I was doing really well. He had me hit with several different clubs, showed me better ways to do different things – holding the club, keeping my shoulders even, NOT lifting my left heel when swinging, not changing the angle of the club face to correct for the ball curving.

I originally asked Steve if I could walk along with him the next time he went golfing, and he said yes – but after doing to the driving range with him, he said I need to actually golf and not just walk. So, I’m actually excited. I’ve never given golf much thought, but it could be a new challenge and adventure.