25 random things about me…
25 random things about me…

25 random things about me…

I usually don’t post or reply to these things, but I’ve gotten A LOT of them on Facebook. So, here goes anyway…

  1. I love being single.
  2. I don’t like carnival rides – I get queasy.
  3. I miss working on the locomotives on the Disneyland Railroad more than I can express.
  4. I love swiss cheese.
  5. I’m an all-around technology geek.
  6. People who don’t plan really bug me.
  7. I stay up waaay too late, almost every day.
  8. Cats are my favorite, but I still have no interest in having one of my own.
  9. I’m a terrible consumer.
  10. I love living simple. (Excluding internet and a computer)
  11. In high school, I was editor of my school newspaper one year, and the photography editor of my yearbook.
  12. As of 2009-02-01, I don’t own any jeans. And haven’t for about three years.
  13. Someday, I hope to own a Delorean.
  14. I think I’d like to have a career as a camera operator for big Hollywood movies.
  15. I finally got my first pair of glasses this past year.
  16. History is my favorite subject.
  17. I’m very opinionated.
  18. I started racing sailboats when I was 15.
  19. Television is my biggest waste of time.
  20. I love driving.
  21. Pizza is my favorite food.
  22. I wish I could play the piano.
  23. I believe that the only things we take with us to Heaven is our intelligence, our experiences and the relationships we developed while we were alive.
  24. Being a Tour Guide at Disneyland will be one of the best times of my life.
  25. I finally got a Murphy Bed after looking for just the right one for over three years.