Fry’s Electronics – Manhattan Beach
Fry’s Electronics – Manhattan Beach

Fry’s Electronics – Manhattan Beach

Fry's Electronics - Manhattan BeachAbsolutely among the WORST business experiences I have – on a regular basis!

I’ve been to eight different Fry’s Electronics and this is THE WORST by far! Their customer service is awful (and seriously, that is saying something, as all Fry’s have terrible customer service).

While I do LOVE Fry’s for the decorations of their stores and their rare "good deals", Thumbs DOWN - Fry's Electronics - Manhattan Beachthis location is honestly the worst I’ve ever been to – and ranks at the bottom of all of my brick-and-mortar business dealings.

On multiple occasions I’ve ordered "online" for store pickup and had the item not be available (even though the website says it is), or I get here and they still haven’t pulled the order – even though the email says it’s ready.

One one visit a printer that showed ‘available’ at this location and which I found on the shelf, couldn’t be found new in the box in inventory. When I asked an employee to help, they said "it must be broken so dats not here." I suggested that they might want to remove it from available stock and was told "dats not how dat works." (No, I’m not making fun – I’m quoting.)

Plus, many times that I’ve been here, they are down to one or two cashiers with five or more people standing in line to checkout – WHILE several other employees are standing at registers closing out their drawer!

I don’t know if it’s the day-to-day management or the top-level store management, but AVOID this business if you can!

Think twice before going here. Target, WalMart, Amazon – they pretty much all have the same products, for the same price. Starting now, I’m voting with my dollars.

Fry’s Electronics – Manhattan Beach
3600 North Sepulveda Blvd., Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, United States
(310) 364-3797