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As I was driving home yesterday, a thought popped into my head about moving to Las Vegas.  I like the 24 hour lifestyle, busy, on the go, fast paced, always on energy.  That idea had come to be before, but for a moment, I thought – "Why haven’t I done it?"
Then I realized something that I should have recognized a long time ago… I thrive on change.  When I get a new job, my brain is buzzing with ideas on how to make my job (and the jobs around me) more efficient or more useful or more… whatever.  When I am in a conversation with someone who has a good idea, I want to run out and do it right now – I immediately start thinking of people I know who can help make it happen, what the costs are, how to actually put the idea into action.  I don’t think it’s a personality fault – but it is a noticeable trait.
The other day someone was talking about building a garden scale railroad near the offices on an open patch of grass that would be a perfect setting.  It -is- a perfect setting, and it would be a fun project / club to get started.  But in reality – I have TOO much on my plate at all times – why do I feel the need to keep adding more?  I still have a basket of laundry to fold (from 2 weeks ago!)
I tend to say yes to A LOT of things, and I get frustrated when they go slow.  But I can’t always blame other people.  I have gotten several small projects started, then just let them slip away until they are on my LIST of things to finish.
So, I’ve been trying to figure out how to "re-align" myself – to get and KEEP things in order.  I think I would like to finish the things I start – but I know I’d really like to keep doing new things.  I don’t need to move to Vegas, and I don’t need to start a club and build a garden railroad.  I need to scan some photos, read some (okay A LOT of) emails, and fold the dang laundry!