Buying a new computer…
Buying a new computer…

Buying a new computer…

PLEASE – oh PLEASE – make sure that when you – or ANYONE YOU KNOW decides to buy a computer, that you never EVER buy an "eMachine" computer!
Once again, I had someone who asked me for months about buying a new computer – what to get, what they need, where to buy, which is better, blah blah blah – typical good questions.
I’m more than happy to give advice on computers, and I think I know what I’m talking about.  The only thing I said for SURE, was that they should absolutely NOT buy an eMachine.
So, a few weeks ago, I get an email from this same person telling me how excited they are – they just got a new computer with a 17" flat panel monitor and a FREE printers – all for only $300 after rebates!  It was an eMachine!
In no uncertain terms, I told them congratulations, but that I would not help them with any problems on the computer.  Sorry… but if you can’t follow the 1 hard and fast rule, you don’t get my help.
I’ve had at least 6 experiences with people buying eMachines where something doesn’t work right some how at some point and the hardware was just acting weird… So… PLEASE… don’t buy eMachines – and remember "Friends don’t let friends buy eMachines!"