Bob Gurr and Rod Duff…

Dave 0
Last year I had the wonderful opportunity to meet one of the greatest Disney Imagineers of all time (in my opinion) – Bob Gurr.  Bob worked on the Flying Saucers, Monorail, Autopia, Main Street Vehicles, The Magic Skyway and "just about anything with wheels" around Disneyland.
Bob was our special guest one month at Walt’s Barn.  So, having found out just a few months earlier that my good friend Rod Duff had worked for Disney for many years in one of the Imagineering departments (MAPO), I left him a voicemail telling him to come to Walt’s Barn to see one of the original Imagineers.
Well, the day came, and Bob Gurr was there… very friendly and open… answering questions and talking to everyone.  I was in the Barn talking to some other guests, while Bob had at least 10 people standing around him listening to a story.  I looked over and noticed my friend Rod and his wife Cindy had just come in to the Barn.  I went over and welcomed them, surprised that they came at all, since I had only left a voicemail and did not hear back from him.
As we were talking, I heard from behind me a voice call out "Rod! Cindy!" It was Bob Gurr!  Bob gave Cindy a hug and kiss and Rod a big handshake.  WOW!  I had NO idea that Rod and Bob were FRIENDS!  They actually worked together for many years at Imagnineering, and began talking about old times right away.  I just stood there shocked.  It was quite a surprise.
I got a great picture with Bob and Rod together which I will always enjoy.