Movieland Frontier Town in Colton, CA

Dave 0
As a kid, when we were living in Rialto, CA, we used to go to a place called Movieland Frontier Town.  It was a little western town looking town, with a back lot that that apparently filmed old west scenes for movies… although I never saw it during the few years that we hung out there. As it turns out, Movieland Frontier Town was built/purchased by Vern Schaffer of Schaffer and Sons Piano and Organ.  It took me several years to put it together, but there were some pictures around the town of old western buildings that some of the Frontier Town buildings were modeled after… it was Bodie!!

One of the buildings on the back lot was an amazing replica of the Bodie Bank in Bodie, CA.  BUT, Frontier Town was torn down prior to digital cameras.  And I have only four pictures of the town from my days as a kid hanging out there.  So… I’d like to ask – if anyone out there has pictures of Frontier Town in Colton, CA, and you’re willing to share them, please do email me.  I’d be thankful…