Hanging drug smugglers…
Hanging drug smugglers…

Hanging drug smugglers…

I’m not even a drug smuggler, and I’ve heard that if you get caught with drugs in some Asian countries, you’re toast.  This article – Singapore PM OKs drug smuggler’s hanging – talks about a guy who brought 14 grams of heroin into the country, and was caught, and for that will be hanged.
The article says that over 400 people have been hanged since 1991, mostly for drug trafficking.  I wish there were numbers easily available on the actual drug trade.  I would only imagine that drugs are rare (at least in comparison to the US.)
So, I’m thinking that if you are caught with enough drugs to affect more than 100 people (whatever that equals in weight or size of different drugs) you need to be severely punished.  There’s no way in this country we would execute someone for drugs, but perhaps something very serious.  The "War on drugs" has been around since I was a kid, but I’ve personally been in the room where -hard- drugs were being used, and the morons using them weren’t intelligent enough to find out who I was or why I didn’t want what they had.
Why is it so easy to get drugs?  Yes, even pot.  Or for that matter, alcohol.
I really am -not- against people doing whatever they want to themselves – as long as it doesn’t affect another single person.  Get all the tattoos you want.  All the piercings you want.  Cut your hair, dye your hair, eat bugs, cut yourself, smoke 5 packs of cigarettes a day, shoot up heroin, drink until you go blind
– BUT –
if you’re caught out on the road or in public where you could hurt someone else (don’t give me that garbage about second-hand smoke), or if physically harmed another person while affected by your choice of entertainment – you’re toast.
All humans do stupid things.  I’ve tried my share of crap.  I was either lucky, or too smart to fall for it.  Just please – spend your time and money on something else – ANYTHING else.  And don’t expect sympathy from me when you’re in jail for drunk driving/holding drugs or dying from something you knew for years would cause your death.