Carnival Cruise Line Special…

Carnival Cruise Line Special
We at Carnival Cruise Lines didn’t forget that  a lot of entertainers had promised to leave the country if George W. Bush  became President. With that in mind, we have a special offer for those who  want to keep their promise!
Attention: Would Alec Baldwin, Rosie  O’Donnell, Cher, Phil Donahue, David Geffin, Barbra Streisand, Pierre Salinger, and anyone else who made the promise, please report to Florida for the sailing of the funship cruise, Elation, which has been commissioned to take you to your new vacation homes. The Florida Supreme Court will sponsor a Farewell Parade in your honor through Palm Beach, Broward, and  Miami-Dade counties prior to your cruise. Please pack for an extended  stay…at least eight years.
Your captain is to be Bill Clinton and your cruise director will be Al Gore. Monica Lewinsky will be your recreation director and your spiritual advisor will be the Rev. Jesse Jackson. Your ship’s Doctor is Jack Kervorkian and Health & Beauty Director is Janet Reno. For your personal safety and security we have employed the services of Commander Jonathan Cunard, the great grandson of the legendary ownership and builders of the now infamous "Titanic".  If you have any questions about making arrangements for your homes, friends and loved ones, please direct your comments to Senator Clinton. Her village can raise your children while you’re gone, and she can watch over all your money and furnishings until you return.