Can’t they spend our money in better ways?!

Dave 0

Stories like this are so stupid!  Actually, not the story – the idea in general!  New Jersey wants to ban smoking in your car because 1% of car accidents are linked to smoking.  Yes – ONE – percent.

First – I don’t smoke, but I think it is awful how people who DO smoke are treated.  More and more they are being forced into what will end up being a back-room drug deal to get tobacco!  And I would argue with anyone that says tobacco is worse than alcohol!

Second – WHY do they feel the need to spend a single dollar of our taxes arguing this point?  I haven’t heard a single heart-breaking story of a mother losing her child because someone veered across the road while lighting a cigarette and killed their baby.

Let’s focus on a REAL problem – alcohol.  On a DAILY basis, I hear and SEE it happen – people having a drink after work, then driving home!  I don’t care if you have ONE beer or 10 shots – It should be a .01 tolerance – not .08.  You take a drink before you drive, you lose your car.  Yes, smoking gives you a high and you can get light-headed, but really now – unless it’s your first hit on a cigarette WHILE DRIVING, I think lighting up will just cause you to look for the ashtray rather than swerving all over the road trying to stay going straight.



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