Bus driver

Dave 0
You’re driving a bus that is leaving from Pennsylvania and ending in New York.  To start off with, there were 32 passengers on the bus.  At the next bus stop, 11 people get off and 9 people get on.  At the next bus stop, 2 people got off and 2 people got on.  At the next bus stop, 12 people got on and 16 people got off.  At the next bus stop, 5 people got on and 3 people got off.  What color are the bus driver’s eyes?

The key to understanding the problem is focusing on the right information.
If we assume it is critical to keep track of the number of people getting on and off the bus, we focus on information that turns out to be unessential.  It distracts us from the important information.
The answer to the problem is found in the first sentence: YOU are driving the bus, so the color is, of course, the color of YOUR eyes.