Bodie Foundation – a new non-profit

Dave 0

If you don’t already know that I’m a Bodie nut from my website, now I’m on the Board for a new non-profit – the “Bodie Foundation”. I’ve been involved with Bodie since 1994. Now I really get the chance to help the park…

Bodie is an amazing piece of America’s western history. It was a gold mining town in the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains, and a lot of the gold that left the town helped build San Francisco in the 1880’s. In 1962 Bodie became a California State Park, and it was put into a "state of arrested decay".

I’m writing to ask for help to support our endeavors in this worthwhile education and preservation project by: (1) joining me in being a member of the Bodie Foundation by investing $30 and (2) forwarding along this e-mail to anyone else you know who appreciates history or is a fan of Bodie. Anyone who joins before the end of the year will be a Bodie Foundation Charter Member.

We’re starting with just a few projects, but we’ll be adding more soon. Of the approximately 200 structures that are still standing, there are many in desperate need of funds for stabilization and support.

I hope you’ll take some time to visit our website at and spread the word about the need to keep Bodie around for future generations.